Shinokey Mountains

After a perilous journey through the Durken Forest, Jesse and his friends naturally drifted north towards a giant mountain range that loomed in the distance. Like most of the early expeditions to Carkayous, the path was long and full of danger. But, the beauty and grandeur of the Shinokey Mountains were hard to ignore and fueled the group's adventurous spirit. They tirelessly ventured through the Ticken Plains with an impressive display of determination and will. After days of travel, the mountains in the distance inched closer and closer, slowly engulfing the sky until they no longer seemed so far away. Finally, they had reached the base of the Shinokey Mountains. 

The group was divided on what to do next. Cutting through a forest is one thing, but climbing through the mountains is an entirely different beast. Jesse glanced up at the mountain range, and its colossal presence made their problems seem almost insignificant. They had already made it this far, so why not keep going? With a little bit of convincing, the rest of the group agreed to go on, and they slowly began their hike up the mountain pass. The farther up they climbed, Jesse and his friends could feel the air around them getting cooler. They noticed several ominous-looking caves dotted around the terrain and strange plants that looked like nothing they had ever seen before. The mountains were a far cry from the sunny, tropical climate of Killick Falls Lagoon

The crew continued to trudge along at a cautious pace, trying to conserve their energy and avoid any hazards along the way. At some point, during one of their many rests, they stumbled across a bush covered in strange-looking, acorn-like berries. Jesse stopped, picked a couple, and carefully inspected them, wondering if they were safe to eat. At that second, out of seemingly nowhere, a beautiful-looking bat with butterfly-like wings swooped down and landed on his shoulder. He looked at the creature and offered up a berry. The hungry Butterfly Bat happily snatched the Acornberry out of his hand and flew back into a tree. Jesse, charmed by the creature, pulled out his notebook and began to draw. Everywhere they looked, there was something new to discover, and the Shinokey Mountains were no exception.