Killick Falls Lagoon

In 2009, while Jesse Smith was visiting Ecuador, he met a mysterious man named Ricardo, who claimed to know where the hidden continent of Carkayous was. In exchange for one of Jesse’s iconic tattoos, the man offered to take him and his friends to the uncharted land. Naturally, Jesse agreed, and the crew of misfits beamed with nervous excitement. Was this place even real, or was Ricardo pulling a prank on them? Too invested to back out, the group of friends boarded a beat-up old cargo plane and took off with Ricardo as their pilot. One hour turned to two, two to three, and then, all of a sudden, Ricardo began to shout. Jesse looked out the window, and at that moment, realized the rumors were true. Carkayous was real. 

Killick Falls Lagoon was the first place the group stumbled upon after arriving in Carkayous. The lagoon is a mixture of ocean water and freshwater runoff from the Shinokey mountains. Because of this, the body of water has a lower salinity than that of the ocean, which allows some very unique creatures to thrive there. Most notable are the Zombie Jellyfish and the Schitzo Serpent, which can swim freely between the two bodies of water. Of course, they’re not the only critters that live in Killick Falls. The Turtlefish and Duhfish also call the lagoon home, but they’re much less dangerous than the predators that lurk in the depths.