Mean Green Interleukin

The Mean Green Interleukin is a symbiotic species that live around the Shinokey Mountains and feeds on small wildlife in the area. Through cooperation, they have adapted to their environment and can thrive in the high altitude of the mountains. These buoyant creatures are also mischievous and will steal food from other animals in the area for fun. In his journal, Jesse writes, "It might not be readily apparent, but The Mean Green Interleukin is actually a symbiotic bundle of three separate species. From what we know, by themselves, each creature has traits that greatly inhibit their chances of survival. For example, the buoyant creature that makes up the base of the Mean Green will float away without the canopy creature on its head. On the flip side, the canopy creature’s strange anatomy makes movement very difficult without the help of the buoyant creature. Finally, the tadpole cleans the Mean Green in exchange for protection from predators. After merging, the creatures become inseparable and move freely throughout Carkayous without any concern of when their next meal will come from." -Jesse Smith