• Trypto Tree Lizard

    “Trypto Tree Lizard” Discovered in the Durken Forest scarfing down butterflies like it was it’s last meal!  (Archived 2019)
  • Acorn Angler Butterfly Bat

    "Acorn Angler Butterfly Bat" discovered by Jesse Smith towards the northern base of the Shinokey Mountains. (Archived 2009)
  • Halo Damien Grey

    Halo is most commissioned for his portrait style tattoo work and experiments with various mediums ranging from auto work, digital, airbrush, and o...
  • Lalo Yunda

    Born in Colombia, Lalo has brought his unique style to New York City making a name for himself as one of the top artists in the country. Getting h...
  • Dan Hazelton

    Dan Hazelton is fully custom tattoo artist and airbrush artist from the Milwaukee area of WI. He has been tattooing since 1994 and airbrushing si...
  • Octa-Fruit

    Octa-Fruit mimic Stigarian fruit located on the southern leg of the Durken Forest. They typically feed on small insects but will every once in aw...
  • Slither Tongued Serpent

    "Slither Tongued Serpent". (Archived 2010)
  • Gobble Fish

    "Gobble Fish" one of the many predators in the Creotic Sea who enjoy sweet squirrel meat. (Archived 2010)
  • Butterfly Eared Bunny

    "Butterfly Eared Bunny" from Durken Forrest. Although it's really not too scary this particular bunny spreads his ears in hopes to make him loo...
  • Berry Horn Bunny Snake

    "Berry Horn Bunny Snake" feasts on Bat Bugs which are attracted to the Berries on its horns. (Archived 2009)