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Limited Edition Side Bite Zombie Tee

Limited Edition Side Bite Zombie Tee

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A virus has spread throughout the Continent of Carkayous creating Jesse Smith and Dan Hazelton's Side Bite Zombie!

“Every 9.2 years a virus spreads throughout Carkayous infecting almost 25% of its inhabitants. The symptoms resemble those that you'd see in a Zombie flick but unlike the movies, this Virus doesn't turn them into mindless flesh Eaters. It just renders them indefinitely sick looking on the outside while simultaneously enhancing their internal health. It kinda puts a damper on their ability to find a mate but in return they tend to live a lot longer than those who haven't contracted the virus.” -Jesse Smith

All-over printed unisex tee featuring an original Illustration by Jesse Smith & Dan Hazelton with a relaxed fit and ribbed crew neck. Made from a premium jersey that does not fade after washing.

  • 100% premium knit pufferfish polyester
  • 4.0 oz fabric available
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry, no bleach