Read through the records of Jesse Smith from his expeditions on the Continent of Carkayous! Learn about even more unknown species of this undiscovered land below:

Entry Date 2/17/2021: Since the early 1900s, there were rumors of a hidden continent that was cut off from the rest of the world. This uncharted land, known as Carkayous, was said to reside off the coast of the Galapagos Islands. At the time, indigenous explorers told tales of strange, never before seen creatures that could only survive in the continent’s delicate ecosystems. They spoke of blue fauna, burning forests, and mountain ranges that stretched across the horizon. As the years passed, knowledge of Carkayous was lost to time. Sounds crazy, right? But, stranger things have happened. In 2009, artist Jesse Smith and his friends traveled to Ecuador for a tattoo convention. In their travels, they met a man who claimed that Carkayous really did exist and that he knew how to get there. In exchange for one of Jesse's iconic tattoos, the man offered to take the crew. Skeptical but intrigued, Jesse agreed, and the rest is history.

Entry Date 2/17/2021: Bunny Bird: The Butterfly Eater was first discovered in a 2013 expedition to the Durken Forest of Carkayous. Jesse stumbled across the erratic species while they were in the middle of a butterfly feeding frenzy. He quickly documented the experience in his journal and wrote, "With an obsession for Butterfly guts, the Bunny Bird spends every hour of every day in search of its next fix. It's typically not until they run across a Butterfly Bat that they realize how dangerous their obsession really is."

Entry Date 2/8/2021: In 2009, world-renown artist and explorer Jesse Smith discovered a new continent just past the Galapagos Islands! We're here to update you on all of the exciting discoveries coming from this strange, uncharted land. Keep scrolling to learn more about the beautifully weird world of Carkayous and the creatures that live there. 


Entry Date 2/8/2021: The Eye Infested Interleukin was discovered in 2013 while Jesse was exploring Carkayous's largest mountain range. In an excerpt from Jesse’s diary, he writes, "The Eye Infested Interleukin spends most of its day floating around the Shinokey Mountains waiting for Tweaker Ticks to fly by so that he can fill his tummy. The Canopy creature of the interleukin generates eyes so fast that it eventually engulfs the Buoyant creature which inevitably suffocates it until it can no longer float, leaving the Canopy destined to end up on the ground as a pile of eyeballs."

“Trypto Tree Lizard” Discovered in the Durken Forest scarfing down butterflies like it was it’s last meal! 
(Archived 2019)

"Butterfly Eared Bunny" from Durken Forrest. Although it's really not too scary this particular bunny spreads his ears in hopes to make him look larger so that any suspecting predators think twice before eating him. It's kinda cute watching these super harmless creatures attempt to be scary especially when you stumble across a little group of them at once.
(Archived 2009)
"Acorn Angler Butterfly Bat" discovered by Jesse Smith towards the northern base of the Shinokey Mountains.
(Archived 2009)
They swim together in hopes to keep predators away.
(Archived 2010)
"Gobble Fish" one of the many predators in the Creotic Sea who enjoy sweet squirrel meat.
(Archived 2010)
"Berry Horn Bunny Snake" feasts on Bat Bugs which are attracted to the Berries on its horns.
(Archived 2009)
One of the first documented Interleukins.
(Archived 2010)
"Slither Tongued Serpent".
(Archived 2010)